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Upper Austria’s higher education system offers you English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in 8 universities and universities of applied sciences. Our higher education institutions offer over 50 different study programmes and have more than 3000 international students studying in Linz, Steyr, Wels or Hagenberg.

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Success Stories

Victoria Lanza

Meet Victoria!
Victoria is a student from Uruguay, doing her Master in Global Business here at JKU in Linz. In this short clip she is giving you an insight on her internship at neubau eyewear, on what she is doing behind the scenes for Sofar Sounds and on how she gets along here in general.

Irina Onufrienko

Nationality: Ukraine

Hello and Privet! My name is Irina and I come from Ukraine. I am a graduate student of the School of Management at FH Upper Austria. It’s been the 3rd year I am integrating into the Austrian culture, and I can’t believe that so much time has already passed! Life here is so vivid A plenty of things surprise and challenge you at the same time. That is why, I have become a Student Ambassador, and also started my job at the Department of International Relations at FH Upper Austria. My role is to support students from all over the world with helpful pieces of advice on their way to studies in Upper Austria.

Why have I chosen to study in Upper Austria? Because FH Upper Austria is internationally-oriented, and provides a lot of opportunities for going on exchange to more than 200 partner universities abroad.  I have spent one semester in the USA, and visited China in the framework of my GSM study programme, which was a breathtaking experience. Another advantage here lies in meeting highly-professional lecturers and researches from all over the world (and even CEOs of MNCs), who come to FH Upper Austria to share their experience with us.

If you feel like becoming a part of the Austrian student community, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions via studentambassador.ukraine@fh-ooe.at or Facebook: @irina.onufriyenko  I will be happy to help!

Bettina Török

Nationality: Hungarian

One of the reasons, why I moved to Upper Austria, was the motivation to pursue my master studies abroad in a program, which is interculturally oriented and most importantly, provides practical knowledge in the field of sales and marketing.

As an international student, my goal was to find a suitable internship already during my studies in order to gain work experience in Austria before graduation. Although, it is not an easy task to find a job as a foreigner, I eventually got the opportunity to participate in a match-making event, in Business2Students, organized by the WKO and the FHOÖ, which aims to support (international) students in finding internships and part-time positions.

Since then, I have become a student ambassador and have been working as part of the Upper Space Project and Talent Attraction Program to offer a helping hand to internationals, who are interested in living, studying and working in Upper Austria.

Federico Perinelli
I went to Linz in September 2017 applying for the Erasmus program. My plan was to spend the winter semester as an E-bass student at the Jazz department of the Bruckneruni. After I spent the whole semester I decided to extend my Erasmus to the following semester. When also the summer semester was over I applied for the Master in the same department of the same institution.
Now I’m still living in Linz, I’m still studying at Bruckneruni and I’m going to finish my Master’s degree next year. All of this to say that my university has something to offer to its students and Linz, despite of the dimension, has something to offer to musicians and artists in general.”
Nationality: Italian
Master’s Degree E-Bass at Anton Bruckner Private University
Dmitriy Purgin

What’s your name?
Dmitriy Purgin

And where are you from?
Almaty, Kazakhstan

What are you studying / working in Upper Austria?
Software Engineering Master’s Degree at FH Hagenberg
Software developer at sequality software engineering (www.sequality.at)

Why did you choose Upper Austria?
I considered Technikum Wien, FH Wiener Neustadt, and FH Hagenberg, and decided for the latter because of the competent professors and general good impression I had got during the application interviews.

What has been your best moment so far in Upper Austria?
I guess it’s graduating from my Bachelor’s Degree here at FH Hagenberg, and thus fulfilling one of the biggest wishes of my mom 🙂

What has been the biggest surprise for you?
Meeting friendly and helpful people pretty much everywhere!

Which local food do you consider the most delicious?
Berner Würstel

What is the best/most beautiful place you’ve visited in Upper Austria?
There are a lot of picturesque places everywhere in Upper Austria. Since I live in Mühlviertel, I cycle here a lot with a road bike and get to see places you wouldn’t normally see if you travel by car. For example, Allerheiligen im Mühlkreis is located on the top of a hill, and there is an amazing view, almost all the way to Czech border when the weather is good. There are a lot of nice places along the Danube and along the smaller rivers flowing from the hills and joining the Danube.
Of course, Salzkammergut is also a must-see for anyone who comes to Upper Austria.

Kristina Klochenko

Hello! I’m Kristina from Russia, I’m student ambassador and currently studying in the last year of bachelor’s degree programme Global Sales and Marketing. I decided to come to Austria because I was always fascinated by the beauty of the nature, plus Austria is known for a high quality education.

I am an ambassador because I know how important it is to get support and fast answers from students who have already gone through the whole application and adjustment to Austrian life process. I am here to help you. Don’t be lost, just ask

Eszter Petrány

The Institute of Dance Arts (Anton Bruckner University) has not only given me a high-level of technical and theoretical education, but I also had the privilege of spending both my Bachelor and Master studies with a supporting group of teachers and professors from all over the world. I was able to work in diverse groups of talented contemporary dancers and pedagogues, and to collaborate in interdisciplinary projects.

I am Eszter Petrány, professional contemporary dancer and dance educator and I am grateful for all my years at ABPU.

Nationality: Hungary

Marko Zivanic

Meet Marko Zivanic from Bosnia and Herzegovina! 🤗
“I am currently enrolled at GSM-Master at the School of Management in Steyr. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Economics and working for two years I decided to expand my knowledge. I decided on a Master degree at FH Upper Austria because it showed me an opportunity to expand my practical and theoretical knowledge at the same time.
I love to travel and to meet new people. If you have any questions about accommodation in Steyr or the study program feel free to message me at: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at!  Let’s get in touch!”


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