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The Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz is committed to a comprehensive and holistic concept of education. It is based on recognition and appreciation of the uniqueness and inviolability of the individual, which cannot be quantified in terms of achievement and performance. It views the process of education – initial, in-service and supplementary training – as discourse and dialogue. The underlying aim is to foster the ability of the individual to shape and give direction to life and to play a role in a society defined and distinguished by a spirit of solidarity.

Scholarship in an international environment
The Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz designs and delivers academic courses with particular emphasis on standards of quality in teaching and research. Its programmes focus on self-directed creative and reflective academic work. Cooperation agreements with partner institutions on a European and transcontinental level allow it to be at the forefront of global developments in education.
Practice-oriented approach to teacher training
The Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz lays stress on practice relevance and on the interconnectedness of theory and practice in initial and in-service training as well as with regard to supplementary training, whatever the professional area. It aims at continuing professional development with reference to personality, domain-specific competencies and pedagogical challenges. Our educational efforts are guided and informed by the needs of the respective target groups, the college’s ultimate raison d’être.
University Culture
Dialogue and mutual respect are characteristic features of life and work at the Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz. They underpin a positive culture of teaching and learning as well as sovereign social interaction. The college aims to be an active and dynamic centre of education, interdisciplinarity and cooperation. It endeavours to serve as a meeting place for people from differing social backgrounds, traditions, generations, genders, cultures and world-views.
Church-maintained status
The Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz is maintained by the Catholic Church in Upper Austria and it is committed to the values of a Christian concept of humans and the world. This includes awareness and recognition of the religious dimension of every individual, which can manifest itself in multiple ways. As a Christian educational institution, it fosters social commitment with regard to education for peace, justice, human dignity and preserving God’s creation. With regard to pedagogy, the Private University of Education, Diocese of Linz places special emphasis on fostering communicative and linguistic competencies and on issues relating to individual identity development as well as art and culture.
QTS Primary level

The Bachelor’s course for QTS Primary level lasts four years and qualifies for fixed-term teaching employment. For continuous employment, an additional Master’s course is required, which can also be completed at the Private University of Education of the Diocese of Linz. It can either follow on to the Bachelor’s course immediately, or in parallel with the induction phase at a school. On completion of the Master’s course, there is the option of going on to study for a doctorate at a university.

System Changes

In future, all pupils aged between 10 and 18/19 will be taught by teachers trained in the same system. Since the academic year 2016/17, ten University Colleges in Upper Austria and Salzburg, which have formed a regional association under the title of Österreich Mitte, jointly offer QTS courses for secondary school. Attainment of a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree constitutes the basis for employment at New secondary schools, Grammar schools, and Vocational middle and secondary schools.

Elementary Pedagogy

The course for Elementary Pedagogy offers a basic training, that is profession-, science- and practice- oriented. It aims to enable graduates to competently run elementary educational institutions, professionally establish educational cooperations and make high-quality contributions to the organisational development of the institution.

All Studies – Overview

QTS Primary Level Bachelor’s course
QTS Primary Level Master’s course
QTS Secondary Level Bachelor’s course
QTS Secondary Level Master’s course
Elementary Pedagogy Bachelor’s course


what you should know about us

  • All our courses are practice-oriented. From the first semester onwards students in initial training continuously engage in school experience.


  • We aim for a balance of research-based and pedagogical approaches by providing support for research activities with a focus on the analysis of teaching and learning processes.


  • International teaching and research exchanges play an important role at our institution. From the third semester on, our students can spend one or two semesters abroad. They will not lose a semester since all examinations taken abroad are fully recognised here.


  • The Institute of Media Education endeavours to equip students in initial as well as in-service and supplementary training courses with the background required for critically analysing media content and for using and creating media judiciously.


  • Our campus is situated in the green belt of Linz. However, it takes only 15 minutes to walk to the town center or 5 minutes by bus.

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