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Anton Bruckner Private University, one of six universities in Linz, a UNESCO City of Media Arts, constitutes a dynamic and innovative centre for the arts. Here performers and teachers of tomorrow receive an individualised education in music, drama and dance – inspired by the striking architecture of a new state-of-the art university building. As one of five Austrian universities for music, drama and dance the Bruckner University’s mission is three-fold, offering students a training ground for performing the arts, teaching the arts and academic research. Staging more than 500 events a year, the Bruckner University functions as one of the region’s foremost organisers of cultural events, ranging from chamber and orchestral concerts, plays, dance and jazz performances over contemporary music concerts to podium discussions and lecture performances.


The courses offered at the Bruckner University comprise performance and pedagogical studies in the classical range of instruments as well as vocal studies, early music, jazz, improvised music, computer music, composition, elemental music education and audience development.
Our graduates perform as soloists in international concert venues and on renowned stages, are members of distinguished orchestras or teachers in music schools and universities.


The Institute of Dramatic Arts offers comprehensive methodological training for professional actors in German language theatre. Dynamic artistic personalities are encouraged in their individual development and equipped with necessary resources for their professional career. Students will graduate as intuitive actors who see themselves as part of an ensemble being skilled to adapt to constantly changing artistic, aesthetic and social situations whilst developing ideas imaginatively and flexibly.


The Institute of Dance Arts offers professional dance training. Attention to craftsmanship and a framework of varied artistic experience provide the students with a well-grounded preparation for their professional careers. As in contemporary professional practice, IDA combines in its programmes the artistic and pedagogical qualification of students.
Around 80 students are currently enrolled at the Institute of Dance Arts, from backgrounds as diverse as Austria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, France, China, Columbia, the US, India, Japan, among others.

All Studies – Overview

Instrumental Performance Studies and Instrumental Pedagogical Studies (BA/MA) | Singing and Music Theatre, Vocal Pedagogy (BA/MA) | Jazz and Improvised Music (BA/MA) | Composition, Jazz Composition, Media Composition / Computer Music (BA/MA) | Conducting (BA/MA) | Drama (BA) | Contemporary Stage Dance and Dance Pedagogy (BA/MA) | Early Music (BA/MA) | Orchestral Academy (MA) | Audience Development – Music in Context (MA)


what you should know about us

Entrance requirements at the ABPU

Admission to the Bruckner University entails passing an entrance examination – it is not mandatory to hold a general qualification for university entrance certificate. A BA degree is a prerequisite for admission to the master’s degree programmes. Proof of proficiency in the German language (Performance: A2 (CEFR) / Pedagogy: B1 (CEFR)) is required by the beginning of the third semester. Entrance examinations take place in June or September, depending on the desired study programme.

Study Performance
and Pedagogy

Performance and pedagogy study programmes at the ABPU comprise a common foundation of core subjects. Building on this base, students may choose performance or pedagogy modules, even allowing students to complete both study programmes by fulfilling the requirements for both.

Studies and professional experience

Early on in their studies students are afforded an opportunity to gain professional experience as participation in numerous projects. These projects areexecuted in collaboration with various orchestras, concert and theatre venues, the Upper Austrian Music School Network, kindergartens and other educational institutions and constitute an integral part of the curriculum.

Tuition is 363,36 Euros per semester + Student Union fees.

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